The Secret Behind SAP’s World-Class Social Media Strategy

A global technology leader since its foundation in 1972, SAP sought to build a social media operation that matched its reputation for innovation. The company’s global social team worked with Sprinklr to establish business-driven goals for its social efforts, align separate teams on the same social platform, and ensure that it captured all necessary conversations across the digital landscape.
Today, the team managers a powerful set of 450 social accounts (down from an unwieldy 1,200), and is able to hear and reach customers with greater clarity. To learn more about how one of the world’s great companies harnesses social to generate positive business results, download the case study today.
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Key Results:
  • Captured 100,000 mentions of SAP at SAPPHIRENOW conference
  • 3 million more brand mentions than a top tier competitor – despite having one million fewer followers.
  • Improved ranking in the BrandZ Most Valuable Brands and Interbrand’s Most Valuable Brands.