How Gainsight boosted engagement and drastically cut down response times

Gainsight helps its clients provide better service for their customers, so it’s only natural that the California-based company wanted to improve its engagement with its own customers.

With Sprinklr Community—a platform where customers can ask questions, receive help from experts, and provide valuable feedback—Gainsight decreased the amount of time and effort required to field and respond to customer inquiries, dropping its employee response time by 50%.

The company went the extra mile and encouraged active Community users to help solve customer issues. The effort fostered a sense of shared purpose and only improved Gainsight’s ability to meet the needs of its customers.

“Community really laid the foundation for reaching the goals we wanted to meet—and we met them,” said Gainsight Community Manager Evan Luberda. “With improved internal processes, our employee response times, support response times, and engagement rates have drastically increased.”

Download the case study to read more about how Gainsight used Sprinklr to help its customers, help their customers.

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