How High Five Put the FOMO in Marketing

Founders of the High Five Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina wanted to build excitement and draw people to the event—a difficult task given the amount of conferences around the country.

To generate FOMO (fear of missing out) among those who weren’t there, the conference used Sprinklr’s Command Center to pull content from attendees in real time, building a pool of promotional material and providing an incentive for participants to post about the event. The strategy resulted in 2,023 overall mentions from the event alone, a 15x increase in user generated content compared to last year.

Given how much excitement was captured by Command Center, it’s safe to assume that those who experienced FOMO this year, will be in the building in 2017.

“The coolest thing I saw was right when I stepped off the stage and looked at one of the monitors, there was a real-time post of a photo of me – people were sharing more because they saw their posts were being posted in real-time,” said High Five founder Evan Carroll. “People were nudging each other kind of saying, ‘Whoa! Hey look at that!’ And that was special.”

Download the case study to read more about how the High Five Conference increased engagement and generated buzz.