The Journal of Customer Experience: Volume 1

“Don’t be one of those companies, at greater risk of losing control of the conversation about your brand.” – Karen Walker, SVP of Marketing, Cisco8

0% of companies think they deliver superior customer experiences, while just 8% of their actual paying customers agree. That’s a frightening disconnect.

You can explore this issue, and many more, in the first edition of the Journal of Customer Experience.

You’ll hear how:

  • Linda Descano, Managing Director and Head of Content and Social at Citi, helps women on LinkedIn with professional development
  • Karen Walker, SVP Marketing at Cisco, has turned marketing into a revenue-producing department
  • Michael Sprague, EVP Sales & Marketing at Kia, uses data to inform product launches

Plus, data studies, infographics, and original research that explore the ongoing customer experience revolution.

If you have any questions about the data, please contact us and let us know.