How McDonald’s Stays Ahead of the Competition

Knowledge is power, especially for the largest fast-food restaurant chain in the world. McDonald’s, which was already using Sprinklr’s Listening to hear what people were saying about them in the digital world, needed a way to generate greater insights from social chatter.

Enter Sprinklr Benchmarking, which allows McDonald’s to establish detailed social performance metrics and use the information to adapt and improve its social strategy.

Benchmarking empowers McDonald’s to run real-time, internal measurements that helps unite separate regions and departments that might otherwise become siloed. What’s more, with Benchmarking, McDonald’s can keep a close eye on what its competitors are doing and adjust its approach as needed.

The solution is an ideal way to tap into both internal and external knowledge, which drives improvements to the company’s overall digital strategy.

To learn more about how the industry-leading McDonald’s social team stays on top, download the case study.