How to Reboot in the Next Normal with Digital Modern Channels joined us as a featured speaker in this webinar, ‘How to Reboot in the Next Normal with Digital Modern Channels’. Hear how they are using psychology and market research to be more relevant to their customers. You’ll get ideas for approaching a social strategy that incorporates listening, the application of new research techniques, and how to leverage AI. Join to hear how another company is adjusting to succeed in the current environment.

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Topics in this webinar include:

  • How to use Real-Time Insights to Drive Reboot Strategy
  • How to refine reboot strategy and timing by listening to customer sentiment and discussion by location
  • How to align brand voice with customer expectations to grow revenue
  • How to use AI to optimise efficiencies across your organisation


Corina Bordeianu
Marketing Manager – Social Media, from

Pabel Martin
Senior Solutions Manager, from Sprinklr

Matthew Welch
Director, Business Value Groups, from Sprinklr

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