How Social Media Fuels Digital Transformation at Shell

It began in 1833 as an antiques firm that offered, yes, shells. And today, Shell ranks seventh on the Fortune Global 500 and number 20 on the Forbes 2,000 list of largest companies.

Maintaining its spirit of constant innovation, Shell has recently become something else: a pioneer in digital transformation.

Embracing Social as the Key to Transformation

Shell recognized it could harness social media to connect with its many customers on a human level. Using Sprinklr’s unified social platform, the brand is equipped to provide a more powerful, consistent experience through marketing and advertising.

Key Results from the Shell Case Study
  • Adoption of unified social technology, which brought together previously siloed teams.
  • Executive visibility into every step of social campaigns, including content creation, approvals, publication, and amplification.
  • Improved insights into the customer journey leading to better engagement and a stronger overall customer experience.

Download the case study to learn how this energy company delivers personalized experiences to millions of customers.