Social Selling Best Practices

78% of salespeople* that use social outperform their competitors. Learn how to master the art of social selling.

Think back to your company’s last quarter. Could it have been stronger? More profitable? If you don’t have a social selling strategy in place, the answer is yes. Chances are you’re not targeting the right customers or engaging in conversations that create trust, brand love, and new revenue.

To help you better understand social selling and its benefits, we put together this universal guide.

Whitepaper: The Elements of Social Selling

In this whitepaper you will see:

  • Expert advice from Cisco and Zocalo Group
  • How The University of Iowa uses social to find and convert prospects
  • The benefits of implementing a social selling strategy and where to start best platforms to invest your paid social budget
  • 10 best practices for swaying the sale

*Source: Forbes, 2013.