SAP Hybis Commerce + Sprinklr Audience

Allow hybris commerce data to inform the segmentation of your social advertising, ensuring every ad dollar is more effective and improves the customer experience.

Why SAP Hybis Commerce + Sprinklr Audience

  • Save Ad Spend with Suppression
  • Prospect More effectively
  • Create highly relevant direct response campaigns

How we do it

With an exclusive SAP Hybris Commerce one click connector and ready-to-go Sprinklr social access, harness a mix of business and social data to build complete, insightful campaigns across all of your social channels.

  • SAP Hybris Commerce captures event data in SAP Hybris Commerce Database
  • SAP pushes raw event data to Sprinklr Audience engine via API
  • Sprinklr allows users to create segmented custom audiences based on SAP raw event data, plus additional social demographic data
  • Sprinklr matches user profiles to social accounts and places use rs into segmented custom audiences
  • Custom audiences are now available to be used in ad campaigns on social networks using the generated segments

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