How Talpa Used Sprinklr to Drive Social Engagement on The Voice Globally

Talpa, creator of The Voice (ever heard of it?), needed a better way to automate its digital processes and monitor the massive amount of social activity it generates, all while engaging with fans and keeping a bird’s-eye view of the company’s many formats.

It was a tall order, but Sprinklr Listening provided Talpa with the tools necessary to make it happen. With Listening, Talpa can track viewer sentiment in real time via social, and use listening insights to engage with its audience in thoughtful and strategic ways.

To streamline its operations and save time, Talpa used Sprinklr’s Rules Engine to escalate and flag messages automatically, providing the company with more time to interact with viewers on various social channels.

With Sprinklr, Talpa has increased social engagement by 20%—an even more impressive figure when you consider that the company produces 65 local productions that are watched in over 180 countries.

“Sprinklr allows us to listen to our viewers, see spikes in conversations, and understand what is driving those conversations so we can engage on a global scale as the show airs all over the world,” said Bluette Sjardin, VP-Online Channels for Talpa.

Download the case study to learn more about how Sprinklr powers engagement for one of the most popular TV shows in the world.