Twitter & Sprinklr present:
Deliver amazing customer care without upsetting your CFO

The majority of our day-to-day lives have moved to a digital environment. No place is this felt more than in the world of customer care. We’ve gathered some of our top experts from inside and outside Sprinklr to share proven strategies for embracing modern customer care without destroying the operational efficiency that CFOs and shareholders crave.

Get actionable answers to these critical questions:

  • How can brands leverage social listening to drive empathetic customer engagement?
  • How can AI and automation be used to scale customer care without compromising humanity?
  • Why should organisations give customer contact teams more freedom to go off script?
  • Why can a brand expect a significant ROI from messaging and social engagement channels?

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Joe Rice
Data & Enterprise Solutions

Maureen Blandford
Tech Marketing & Transformation Leader

Tracey Finlay
Leadership, Tech Marketing & Transformation Leader

Jen Brown
Moderator – Director of Marketing

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