On-Demand Webinar: How Digital is Transforming Customer Care




Social media is completely changing the nature of customer care. As we’ve increasingly seen over the last few years, consumers are harnessing social channels – particularly Twitter – to research products, talk to brands and share opinions.


To understand the social customer care trends we can expect in 2019, Sprinklr and Twitter partnered to analyze consumer habits, identify customer care preferences, and highlight how social customer care can impact purchase behaviors. In this webinar, Twitter and Sprinklr leaders will discuss the results of the survey and explain how brands can deliver the best social care possible in 2019.


Yoli Chisholm is the Vice President of Marketing at Sprinklr. In this role, she is responsible for supporting revenue growth strategies that drive acquisition, activation and advocacy. @yolichisholm

Kenny Lee is the Head of Partner Marketing & Demand Generation for the Data and Enterprise Solutions Business at Twitter, Inc. @kennykhlee

Michelle Crose is a marketer turned consultant based out of Los Angeles. As a part of the solutions consulting team at Sprinklr, she advises organizations on how to keep up with and reach the right audiences using insights and technology. @michellemariko

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How social media is transforming customer care
  • Insights from the Sprinklr/Twitter Customer Trends Survey, which includes compelling data showing how consumers use social to make purchases and interact with brands
  • The 4 Tenets of Modern Customer Care
  • The power of Twitter Data and the Sprinklr Customer Experience Center
  • How Sprinklr uses Twitter for customer care (live demo)


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