How the Loop Loft Boosted Return on Ad Spend by 400%

The Loop Loft, which sells digital loops recorded by real musicians, had a strong advertising strategy—perhaps a little too strong. Its target audience was receiving the same ad 15 times per day, and eventually, the company’s growth plateaued. CEO Ryan Gruss knew that he needed to make a change

With Sprinklr Audience, Gruss was able to create fresh audience segments within the company’s existing social channels. This allowed the company to advertise with better reach and intelligence—and making overstuffed customer inboxes a thing of the past.

Within a few months, The Loop Loft’s return on ad spend increased by 400%, and by the end of the year, its revenue went up 140%.

“Audience was a huge game changer for us time-wise and obviously, results-wise,” said Gruss.

Download the case study to learn more about how Sprinklr empowered The Loop Loft to bolster its advertising strategy and drive incredible results.

Download the Case Study

Download the Case Study

Download the Case Study