On Demand Webinar: How to Supercharge Social with Conversational AI

“The focus of social media marketing has shifted from mass engagement to personalized interaction.” – MarTech Advisor

Customer care doesn’t follow business hours, and conversational AI is becoming table stakes. Does your brand have a strategy?

Social media has empowered consumers to contact brands at any time, across an evolving array of channels. While most companies understand the importance of adopting conversational AI to deal with this massive shift, taking action is easier said than done.

In this webinar, How to Supercharge Social with Conversational AI, you’ll learn the fundamentals of setting up a modern customer care operation, and draw inspiration from innovative strategies that top companies are undertaking.

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Yoli Chisholm
Vice President of Marketing at Sprinklr

In this role, she is responsible for supporting revenue growth strategies that drive acquisition, activation and advocacy. @yolichisholm

Christian Brucculeri
CEO at Snaps

Before Snaps, Christian developed and launched YouCast, one of the first influencer activation platforms, that was acquired by Halogen Media. Christian previously led Product at Branderati prior to its acquisition by Sprinklr. He has lead investing at K2 Media, a mobile-focused incubator which launched and scaled several mobile technology companies.